This workshop is specifically tailored to Mental Health Professionals who are interested in the therapeutic applications of the teachings and practices of Yoga, specifically as they relate to mental health and wellbeing.

This Yoga Psychology training course will assist Mental Health Professionals to develop their understanding of Yoga as a framework for mental health, and how different Yoga practices may be used to assist people with a variety of mental health concerns, particularly depression and anxiety.  

The workshop is suitable for (but not limited to) mental health professionals including Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Psychotherapists, Social Workers, Counsellors, and Medical Practitioners and Allied Health Professionals with an interest in Mental Health. 

We will explore:

  • the Yogic understanding of the mind, and how it relates to western psychology and related sciences
  • teachings of the ancient sage Patanjali, particularly as they relate to understanding mental health
  • how Yoga can assist as an intervention for common metal health concerns such as depression and anxiety
  • how Yogic practices can assist in promoting and maintaining good mental health
  • how Yoga aides in fostering integrated health and wellbeing
  • how Yoga can assist as a powerful self-care tool for Health Professionals

Please note: This is not a Yoga Teacher Training event, and Health Professionals will not leave the training equipped to teach Yoga. You will however develop an understanding of the teachings and practices of Yoga and how these relate to other interventions such as exercise, relaxation, breathing practices, mindfulness, and the cultivation of meaning and connection.  We will explore how Yoga might assist your clients, and equally, how Yoga mat benefit you both personally and professionally.

Course includes

  • 14 hours of training with two of Australia’s most well regarded and experienced Yoga Psychologists
  • Course notes and handouts
  • Recommendations for further study
  • Morning and afternoon tea, and lunch each day

In this course, you will learn about...

Yoga Psychology

  • the nature of the mind according to traditional Yoga teachings, and how this relates to western psychological models
  • how Yoga relates to popular modern psychological approaches like CBT, MBCT, and ACT
  • Yogic approaches of mind-body interventions for mental health
  • the latest clinical research on the efficacy of Yoga and mind-body interventions on mental health

What does yoga offer

  • more than asana
  • yoga and positive psychology
  • mentally healthy yoga
  • interoception and mental health
  • transdiagnostic interventions

Yogic approaches to common mental health concerns

  • common mental health conditions through a Yogic lens
  • Yoga for Depression and Anxiety
  • precautions and contraindications

Yoga and self-care for the Mental Health Professional

  • How Yoga can help you!


Qualified Mental Health Professional or Medical Practitioner with an interest in Mental Health.

No prior experience or training in Yoga is necessary, just a general curiosity or interest in the field of Yoga Psychology.


Mental Health Professionals

July 27 & 28, 2018

9am - 5pm each day

Venue - TBC

Workshop fee

The fee for this 2 day program is $695 (incl GST and booking fee), and includes:

  • 14 hours of training with two of Australia’s most well regarded and experienced Yoga Psychologists
  • Comprehensive course notes and handouts
  • Recommendations for further study and ongoing self-development
  • Morning and afternoon tea and lunch each day


Full payment for this workshop is required to secure your registration. Cancellations received more than 28 days prior to the event will receive a 50% refund. Cancellations received after that time will not be eligible for any refund. You may transfer your registration to another person at no cost, but please notify the program host in writing prior to the workshop date if transfer is required.