Here's some feedback from previous participants in our Yoga Psychology workshops

"Every Yoga Teacher should so this amazing course, it's awesome!" - participant, Sydney 2017

"I feel right now that I am walking out of this course with a different mind-set and a good starting point for deeper reflection and progression" - participant, Sydney 2017

"The course helped me understand how to handle the relationships between Teacher and Students" - participant, Sydney 2017

"Interactive, thought provoking, engaging and very enjoyable. Essential for all Yoga Teachers!" - participant, Sydney 2017

"Thank you Michael and Janet for teaching aspects that are not available elsewhere" - participant, Sydney 2017

"This was awesome and has given me renewed motivation to push on with my journey as a Yoga Teacher and Therapist" - participant, Sydney 2017

"Michael and Janet are really well informed and work really well together" - participant Sydney 2017

"Although specific to mental health, this course really covered the heart of Yoga. The link between modern Psychology and Yoga is completely essential for all of us" - participant, Sydney 2016

"Practical and not 'rah-rah'" - participant, Brisbane workshop, 2016

"Mental health is such an important subject that sadly, is often swept under the carpet. Michael and Janet provided and safe and compassionate space to discuss the issue. They each brought with them incredibly valuable insight and wisdom into the framework of yoga and how it is so relevant in understanding and responding to mental health challenges not just as teachers in our yoga classes but in our individual lives as well. Such a great weekend. I'd recommend the yoga psychology course to anyone!" - participant, Brisbane 2016

"Such a fabulous few days! I learned so much and am looking forward to going home and digesting and assimilating the teachings. I particularly liked how it has set up a directions for me to follow to further expand my knowledge and understanding and become a more holistic Yoga Teacher" - participant, Brisbane 2016

"I loved the connection between the sutras and a western understanding. I really like to know that what I’m doing is consistent with the tradition. Janet and Michael compliment each other very well in teaching this content" - participant, Brisbane 2016

“This is the most professionally run and presented professional development yoga workshop I’ve attended!” – participant, Melbourne 2015

“Although specific to mental health, this course really covered the heart of Yoga, in a concise form. Understanding the link between modern Psychology and Yoga is essential for all of us” – participant, Sydney 2015

“It was great to have two very experienced teachers who offered their extensive Yoga and Psychology experience” – participant, Sydney 2015

“I will no longer think of Yoga and Psychology as separate” – participant, Melbourne 2015

“I love the integration of Western and Yogic Psychology. I feel confident now with my ability to handle mental health issues in the framework of Yoga” – participant, Melbourne 2015